Hotdogging an Odd Spectacle

Judging by his beaming countenance at the Fourth of July Nathan's 2013 Hot Dog Eating Contest, NYC Mayor Bloomberg apparently feels -- although he chides New Yorkers that they shouldn't eat trans-fats, or salt, or large sodas, or allow retail cigarette displays, or listen to loud music, or use Styrofoam, or have guns  -- that it's OK, and even funny, for a human being to eat 69 frankfurters, with buns, in ten minutes. Refusing to accept that ordinary people living ordinary lives have the right to ordinary preferences -- like french fries or a soda, even if he considers them vices ‑‑ Hizzoner, lending his presence to this debauch, has no such scruples regarding a spectacle of orgiastic gluttony unimagined even in the nightmares of Bosch, or  the fantasies of Caligula.  He even called it "one of the great sporting events of the year," in an excruciatingly unfunny five-minute video filibuster.  So much for gluttony being a sin. He probably just can't help...(Read Full Post)