Has Haim Saban outsmarted himself?

Talk about strange bedfellows: a NY Post article entitled "Weiner donors are in it to support Huma" includes an unusual contributor with an unusual reason for aiding Weiner:   For many people, Huma is the gateway to Hillary. She's one of the closest aides; she's an adopted daughter. You think [power agent] Bob Barnett would give to Anthony? [Billionaire] Haim Saban wouldn't give Anthony a second chance." Yahoo News reports a similar story:   Some of that money appears to have been raised at a "Women for Anthony" event Abedin hosted last month in Manhattan. The event's host committee was packed with longtime supporters of the Clintons, including Cheryl Saban, wife of entertainment mogul and Democratic megadonor Haim Saban Haim Saban and his wife aiding Huma Abedin? This action is not merely personal, and cannot be separated from Abedin's future political aspirations. In a May 2010 article in the  New Yorker Magazine about Saban and his vastly successful Hollywood...(Read Full Post)