Governor McDonnell's office denies his resignation is 'imminent'

Aides to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell are vigorously denying a story, originally reported by a respected Virginia blogger, that McDonnell is close to signing a plea deal with prosecutors that includes his resignation as governor. The site Bearing Drift had the story on Saturday evening, later confirmed by Breitbart and PJ Media's J. Christian Adams, who cites government sources. Brietbart gives details of McDonnell's troubles: McDonnell has come under fire for potentially having violated the state's ethics laws by not reporting a Rolex watch valued at around $6,000 when laws require him to report any gift valued over $50. McDonnell's office has claimed the gift was from a "personal friend" and thus not in violation of the state's ethics laws. Bearing Drift, one of the most respected and indispensable sites on Virginia politics, reported on Saturday night that two independent sources said McDonnell is "currently in the middle of finalizing a plea agreement which includes his...(Read Full Post)