Governor Leadfoot

There's a big flap in Iowa over Gov. Branstad repeatedly breaking the law by speeding at 90 mph on Iowa's highways. An "internal investigation" is underway -- rather than simply giving the governor a speeding ticket. Larry Hedlund, an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation special agent, spotted the governor's SUV and estimated it was going "a hard 90" on the stretch. He reported the incident to a state trooper, who later clocked the vehicle going 84 mph. But the vehicle was not stopped and, on April 29, Hedlund complained to supervisors. Shortly thereafter, he was placed on administrative leave for reasons that officials say were not related to his complaint. "We're going to continue to review it," Reynolds said. "We're going to continue to look at the schedule and make every effort that we can to make sure we are allowing enough time that we can, between events, and it's being reviewed by the Department of Public Safety and we'll wait to see." Department of Public Safety...(Read Full Post)