Gays in, Bibles out in the new American military

President Obama's Defense Department is waging a private war.  While our Pentagon is entrusted with the duty to "protect and serve" a secular zone is growing within the ranks of the Military. A little over a year ago then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the Military would honor through "Gay Pride Month" the contributions of homosexual service members.  This announcement came just a few months after the Department of Defense had begun its subtle campaign against the Bible. 1)  The Air Force Services Agency through its spokesman Michael Dickerson stated the Air Force has "no requirement to have Bibles in the lodging checklist." [1a]  In other words, as a military member checks into housing (much like a civilian would into a hotel or dormitory) there is no availability of a Bible to be by his or her bedside.  In defense of this Air Force Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, Retired, has stated, "while there is no requirement to have them, why should there be a...(Read Full Post)