Egypt: Where Military Coups Equal 'Freedom and Hope'

Pundits have lauded Egypt's "Second Revolution," in reality a military coup which ousted the economically and socially failing regime of the country's first freely elected President, Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, Muhammad Morsi. One expert has even declared that Morsi's removal reflects a larger contemporaneous series of "internecine" events which indicate that his chimerical construct of "Islamism" (which is simply traditionalist, normative Islam, as this same analyst's writing used to acknowledge) is somehow "doomed." Monday, July 22, 2013, Egypt's "interim President," Adly Mansour -- installed by a military putsch -- gave a speech of great significance, although little noticed by Western commentators.  Mansour's words put the lie to glib formulations that willfully ignore how traditional Islamic authoritarianism, regardless of pseudo-secular veneers, remains, as it has for 13 centuries, the most potent force shaping authoritarian governance in Muslim Egypt, and the greater...(Read Full Post)