Don't you always put sugar on your MIGs?

The Cuban "brown sugar" crisis took a turn over the weekend.  We found a couple of old MIG's under the brown sugar: "Panamanian investigators unloading the cargo of a seized North Korean ship that carried arms from Cuba have found the two MiG-21 fighter jets the Cuban government had said were on board, the government said on Sunday. " And then it got better because they found "two missile radar systems."   Before they found the MIGs and radar systems, the Cuban government said that the "the cargo was a donation of sugar for the people of North Korea." Wonder if a couple of Cubans and North Korean were singing that song from Mary Poppins:  "Just  a spoonful of sugar...." My guess is that most North Koreans would tell the Cubans to keep their MIGs and put more brown sugar, or other foodstuffs, in the shipment.  At the same time, I think that it's getting more and more obvious that these military items were headed somewhere other than...(Read Full Post)