Cuban baseball player defects in Iowa

Political and economic freedom are two sides of the same coin -- and if you don't believe it, ask Cuban baseball player Misael Siverio. The 24-year-old pitcher -- a promising left-hander with Cuba's National Team -- said adios to Cuba's worker's paradise on Tuesday while in Iowa for an exhibition game with the U.S. team. Just hours after arriving in Des Moines, he defected. He reportedly vanished into the dark parking lot of a Sheraton hotel at 10 p.m. -- making good on plans to flee Cuba and join a Major League team. As the Des Moines Register reported in Wednesday's paper: Paul Seiler, executive director of USA Baseball, confirmed that Siverio is no longer on the roster of the Cuban team that tonight will play an exhibition game against the United States in Des Moines. Seiler said the Cuban delegation declined to comment. "From their perspective, he's no longer a member of their delegation," Seiler said. Friends in the United States aided Siverio, a left-handed pitcher...(Read Full Post)