Confusion in Egypt over naming ElBaradei PM

The new, military installed government of Egypt stumbled a bit yesterday. After the new President Adly Mansour's office announced the appointment of former UN atomic agency chairman Mohammed ElBaradei as prime minister, they had to backtrack on that announcement when the ultra-Islamists in the Nour party objected. Associated Press: Mansour, 67, the former chief justice of the country's Supreme Constitutional Court who was installed by the military as an interim leader, is little-known in international circles and the choice of ElBaradei would have given his administration a prominent global face to make its case to Washington and other Western allies trying to reassess policies. But news of ElBaradei's appointment, which was reported by the state news agency MENA and others, proved divisive. The 71-year-old Nobel laureate was an inspiring figure to the youth groups behind the 2011 revolution that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak as well as the uprising against Morsi. His...(Read Full Post)