Baby boy born to celebrity monarch-in-waiting; world loses its mind

See also: Duke and Duchess Did their Duty How low has America fallen? In case you missed it, a baby boy, sired by a no talent who calls himself the "Duke of Cambridge" (the "Duck of Death"?) and was birthed by a girl from a very rich family who calls herself a "commoner," made a lot of elitist snobs around the world extremely happy. The baby, third in line to sit on a throne that's as anachronistic as it is silly, will live a life of privilege not based on merit, or talent, or brains, or even luck, but because his great-grandmama - who achieved her position due solely to who her father was - happens to be the hereditary ruler of England.  The world press deemed this insignificant event worthy of wall to wall coverage for a few hours, Obama apparently taking the day off - or, at least, not making any news himself. Meanwhile, 500 al-Qaeda terrorists slipped the leash in Iraq, 20 children were killed by Assad's forces in Syria, and Harry Reid accused Mitch McConnell of trying to...(Read Full Post)