Audio recording shows DoJ's gross interference in Zimmerman case

On Thursday, Judicial Watch released documents showing that a little known office with the DoJ was sent to Samford, FL to gin up outrage against George Zimmerman and pressure local authorities to put him on trial. Yesterday, JW released an audio recording of a community meeting where a representative of the federal Department of Justice - a supposed neutral observer who is charged with seeking conflict resolution - advocated for action against "the various structures and the various systems that allow something like this to happen." Washington Times: The legal watchdog Judicial Watch released an audio recording Thursday of a Department of Justice staffer urging Sanford, Fla., city officials and the minority advocacy group Dream Defenders to seek justice for Trayvon Martin, because "if a community perceives that there's something wrong in the black community, there's something wrong." "CRS is an arm of the department that we call the Peacemakers," Thomas Battles, regional...(Read Full Post)