A TSA Announcement We'd Like to See

A TSA "Traveler Information" advisory, posted on its website (link here), thoughtfully purports to tell flyers what to expect when they encounter "persons of the Muslim faith ... observing Ramadan," which begins in a few days.  The TSA "would ... like to inform the traveling public that they may notice passengers who are observing Ramadan engaging in the following activities at the airports."  They may be fasting, "going through ablution ... in airport restrooms," and "engag[ing] in prayer ... on airplanes."  Our Muslim neighbors may also be engaging in other "religious practices and meditations," or "orally reciting the Holy Qur'an."  Meaning audibly. You read that last one right.  The Muslim scriptures -- what we thought we knew as the "Koran," with no further encomiums -- are now matter-of-factly denominated, as the TSA feels they should be, as capital-H "Holy."  That's not a bit tendentious, given that a certain CEO I know of finds the sunset...(Read Full Post)