A Second Chance for Egypt

What do Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, and the Egyptian people have in common? They all want a do-over. Of the three, the Egyptian people certainly deserve one. Those who bemoan the end of a "democratically elected government" are seriously myopic. What was democratic about it? After decades without elections, free political parties, or a truly representative parliament, Egyptians, who at most "organized" street protests, were expected to organize an election almost overnight. No experience. No organization. No election-ready parties. And most important, there was no constitution setting the rules of the game. Everyone knew that the Muslim Brotherhood, with its grassroots social organization, would prevail. Yes, everyone. The Obama administration, essentially President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, with their demands that the elections "include all parties," is most responsible for bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power. They succeeded in doing what no Egyptian government...(Read Full Post)