A Distorted Market about to get Worse

I recently had a freak accident while cutting some timber on a saw table. A sliver of the off-cut wood fell under the blade guard and was flung into my forearm like an arrow. I had a deep puncture wound which necessitated a quick visit to the emergency room. The wound was no big deal but I noticed a portion of my arm and hand had lost some sensation. Unfortunately the splinter had cut a nerve which I was informed needed rejoining in a routine outpatient surgery procedure. A month later all's done although full sensation has not yet returned to my hand, something I'm told can take months. But the bills are rolling in and I am stunned that with a few charges still to go, the total has passed 55,000 dollars and is still rising. Insurance took care of most of it so that's not the issue. But I am left with a disturbing question. How can it have cost so much? 55 thousand dollars? This is more money than most U.S. citizens earn in a year. How can repairing one small accident cost such an...(Read Full Post)