22 Al-Jazeera staff resign over coverage biased toward Muslim Brotherhood

Can you imagine 22 MSNBC staff resigning due to the network's reputation as a White House shill? Or staff members quitting Fox because it's a mouthpiece for the GOP? Apparently, some media people are more honest than others. Business Insider: As the crisis unfolds in Egypt, Al Jazeera appears to be straining to appear neutral. According to an article in Gulf News, 22 members of staff have resigned due to the Qatar-based network's coverage. Anchor Karem Mahmoud reportedly said that those who resigned quit after "biased coverage" of the events in Egypt, and that the group had been ordered to favor the ousted Muslim Brotherhood over the newly formed, military-backed government. In an interview with Cairo Scene, Mahmoud explained his rationale: The coverage over the last few weeks was the tipping point - especially the airing of extreme speeches over the last few days, which have added to the crisis Egypt is seeing right now. There has been a strong insistence of airing...(Read Full Post)