Why Rush Immigration?

In 2007, Congress killed the last big attempt at immigration reform, thanks in part to the effortless double-dealing of Sen. Barack Obama. Since then, not much has happened. This year however, we are told the world will pretty much come to an end if similar legislation is not passed before 2014. Hmmm... what happens in 2014? Well, ObamaCare for one. Several commentators have noted that should the current Schumer immigration bill pass, employers will have a perverse financial incentive to hire newly legalized workers over other Americans. But I wonder if that works the other way, too. If there's no amnesty and ObamaCare comes along in 2014 with its federal dragnet to catch noncompliant employers and employees, target number one would have to be illegal alien workers. They are the ones with the phony social security numbers; they are the ones dodgy employers use if they want to cut corners on benefits, not to mention wage and hour laws. The IRS and other federal agencies have the...(Read Full Post)