Why NSA Spying on All of Us Doesn't Get the Job Done

Barry Rubin, terrorism expert and author of thirteen books on the Middle East mess, lays out the clear case over at PJ Media, that to uncover jihadi threats the NSA has to target the bad guys.  It is not helpful to flood themselves with records of 3 billion phone calls a day, trampling on our Constitution in the process.  Our problem isn't lack of information; it is the political willingness to follow up on leads.  We enable Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadis to dictate the training of our military, FBI, Homeland security and State Department policy, which leads us to a paralysis of politically correct thinking that leads directly to loss of American lives. This must read article has a number of hair raising examples I was not familiar with before. Rubin writes: Isn't it absurd that the United States - which can't finish a simple border fence to keep out potential terrorists; can't stop a would-be terrorist in the U.S. Army who gives a PowerPoint presentation on...(Read Full Post)