Where in the world is Samantha Power's Atrocities Prevention Board?

Samantha Power, President Obama's pick to be America's Ambassador to the United Nations, had previously been in charge of the Atrocities Prevention Board. How did she do in that role? The Atrocities Prevention Board is another "board" that Obama routinely sets up for the media buzz and then promptly ignores (see the Simpson-Bowles commission on fiscal responsibility and reform, for just one prominent example). Obama grandly announced this particular board over a year ago at the Holocaust Museum in Washington in the wake of reports of atrocities in Syria. He put in charge of the board his good friend and foreign policy guru, Samantha Power. After all, Power wrote a well-received book on genocide and was wont to self-describe herself (grotesquely) as the "genocide chick". How well has she performed? The invaluable Jim Geraghty has a roundup of all the atrocities that have been going on under her and Obama's watch (not that they actually cared to "watch" such atrocities,...(Read Full Post)