Vanishing Privacy

If you are not doing anything wrong you don't need a bathroom door.  That was the conclusion of a Florida County in the 80's.  At the time cocaine use was out of control and law enforcement was determined to eliminate the crisis that was destroying the lives of Florida citizens even at the expense of privacy. This action came in response to a possession case thrown out by a Judge based on the 4th Amendment.  A Deputy Sheriff had followed a suspicious looking male into the bathroom of a County Park. The male entered a stall and closed and locked the door. The Deputy peered through the crack between the door and the frame and observed the male with a white powdery substance.  The Court ruled that if a citizen has a right to privacy anywhere, that right certainly extends to the inner sanctum of a bathroom.   In defiance the County decided that the risk of drug use and anonymous sex in its parks was so rampant that the solution was to remove the doors of the...(Read Full Post)