UN attempted end run around US Constitution

In mid-2012, the World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability (WCJGLES) was held in Brazil. The goal of the congress was to "contribute to the support of Chief Justices, Attorneys General, Auditors Generals and other legal experts to the achievement of sustainable development and to provide inputs to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio +20." As with almost all United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) sponsored activities, WCJGLES focused on the development and implementation of radical policies and laws. The most threatening component of the UNEP-based sustainable development movement is that it often seeks to alter and/or supercede the constitutions of free and democratic sovereign nations by instituting environmental rights which generally reduce the basic human rights of affected citizens. In other words, free and democratic countries get pushed towards authoritarian states. This type of pressure for alterations...(Read Full Post)