'Syrian civil war' no longer about who runs Syria

The Washington Post reports that "waves" of Egyptian Sunni Muslims are pouring into the Sinai to fight the Hezb'allah/Iran/Assad forces in Syria. Meanwhile, Shiite preachers in Iraq are urging their young men to join with Assad's army to battle the Sunnis. It is becoming clear that the Syrian civil war is becoming less and less about which butcher is going to take control of Syria, and more about a violent clash between Islam's two main sects. Waves of Egyptians are now preparing to follow, fired by the virulently sectarian rhetoric of Sunni preachers and encouraged by the newly permissive policies of Egypt's Islamist government. In recent days, this city's ancient mosques have crackled with calls for jihad, as hard-line Sunni Muslim leaders command the faithful to respond to recent escalations in Syria by the Shiite forces of Iran and Hezbollah. The Sunni backlash has echoed far beyond Egypt, penetrating every corner of the region, where divisions between the rival Muslim...(Read Full Post)