Stop Waiting to Be Motivated

You might think that defunding an operation to stop it was the purview of the Congress--not really. The effect of the IRS stalling on conservative group applications for tax-exempt status was to defund activists on the right. While Tea Party and other conservative groups were wasting valuable resources on trying to get applications approved, they were unable to raise contributions because such contributions would not be tax deductible.  More importantly, think about what they were not doing. They were not:  Running TV Ads  Running radio ads  Holding public seminars  Holding fundraisers  Traveling to give speeches at sympathetic venues  Sending mailers  Making brochures  Making bumper stickers  Setting up booths at county fairs and trade shows These things all take money to do on a large scale.  There were almost 500 companies subjected to this treatment.  That is a lot of influence that was not exercised.  The...(Read Full Post)