Red line crossed?

President Obama can not draw red lines and start wars when people cross them.  I'm surprised that the constitutional law professor does not know that. We do remember President Bush drawing "a line in the sand" over Kuwait.  He also went to Congress and got a vote to go to war.The second Pres Bush went to Congress for both Afghanistan and Iraq. Is President Obama going to use the 2001 Afghanistan resolution to start this war?   That would be a joke!  He needs a new one because Syria is your classic "war of choice" or "preemptive military action".  Or as the liberals used to say:  Syria had nothing to do with 9-11! In my opinion, Pres Obama needs a vote in Congress for several reasons: 1) We are running huge deficits and wars are not free; 2) No one has a clue about the good and bad guys in Syria.  Who are we arming?  Why is this war in our national interest? 3) We will have casualties; and, 4) Congress...(Read Full Post)