Pelosi heckled at nutroots convention

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi really heard it from her base at the Netroots Convention when she tried to defend the indefensible; the NSA surveillance programs. Politico: "People on the far right are saying oh, this is the fourth term of President Bush," the California Democrat said. "Absolutely, positively not so." As Pelosi was saying the country needs a "balance" between security and privacy, Marc Perkel, a 57-year-old activist from Gilroy, Calif., started shouting at Pelosi during her answer and was escorted out of the room. "It's not a balance. It's not constitutional!" he yelled. "No secret laws!" Others in the room began shouting as well, saying things like "Leave him alone!" or "That's what a police state looks like right there!" The moderator, Zerlina Maxwell, worked to quiet the crowd by saying audience members needed to submit questions via Twitter rather than shouting them out, but Pelosi said she didn't mind. "I welcome the challenges that people pose...(Read Full Post)