Paula Deen: Does the punishment fit the crime?

This is the most bizarre example of political correctness run amuck that I can recall in a long time. Paula Deen, someone who I had never heard of before the controversy, said under oath that she had used the N-word in her life. Omigod - stop the presses. A 60-something southern woman used a racial epithet sometime in her past. The question isn't to defend her - it is, after all, an indefensible offense. The question is hypocrisy and the terror engendered when the left's language police smells blood. Some of the nation's largest corporations, terrified of bad press, have dropped Deen like a hot potato. Her show was canceled, her endorsements have been yanked, and now her cookbook won't be published: Paula Deen's upcoming cookbook, currently the No. 1 seller on, has been dropped by its publisher. In a brief statement Friday, Ballantine Books announced it had canceled publication of "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up." The book was...(Read Full Post)