Olympia Snowe Complains about Washington

Recently retired Republican Senator Olympia Snowe thinks Washington is broken. And she wants you to know about it. Snowe, a moderate whose critics accuse her of being a RINO, was a state legislator in Maine before becoming a Congresswoman in 1979. After sixteen years in the House of Representatives, Snowe won a seat in the United States Senate, a seat she held from 1995 until January of this year. Following the playbook laid down by her predecessors, Snowe -- who did not seek re-election despite winning her previous Senate races by wide margins -- recently published a book about what ails modern politics. That book, Fighting for the Common Good: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress, is supposed to be a memoir about Snowe's career as a centrist fighting for justice in a world dominated by corrupt politicians. In reality, as Betsy Woodruff of National Review Online explains, Snowe's 281-page book is tedious, superfluous and chock full of clichés. I respect Mrs. Snowe and believe...(Read Full Post)