Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University

Why does no one attending the thirtieth reunion of Barack Obama's graduating class at Columbia University remember meeting him? That's the intriguing question raised by Wayne Allyn Root in a piece published at the Blaze: We shared the same exact major- Political Science. We were both Pre Law. It was a small class- about 700 students. The Political Science department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). I thought I knew, or met at least once, (or certainly saw in classes) every fellow Poly Sci classmate in my four years at Columbia. But not Obama. No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn't someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him? (snip) No one that ever met Obama, let alone befriended him, was in attendance at our 30th class reunion. Now you might argue this is all strange, but it's possible. Afterall...(Read Full Post)