Obama and the Despots

Last week Herb Meyer wrote an article published by the American Thinker cogently analyzing how and why Barack Obama is responsible for all the anti-American actions directed at his political enemies by so many true believers not only in the administration but throughout the political landscape. The primary point of comparison is how Adolf Hitler governed in a similar manner while keeping his fingerprints off the execution of his plan to transform German and European society by ridding both of those he portrayed as "enemies of the people." Recently Paul Kengor further amplified these same points in a follow-up article. Both writers went to great lengths to reassure the reader that they were not comparing Barack Obama to Adolf  Hitler and the devastation he wrought, but rather to the tactics used, which in many ways are eerily similar. As many readers of these pages are aware, I am a survivor of the war that was the end product of Hitler's megalomania as well as a displaced...(Read Full Post)