Obama admin bungled Snowden extradition

The Obama administration's "smart diplomacy" wasn't able to get the paperwork done properly in extraditing Edward Snowden from Hong Kong. At least that's the story the Hong King government is telling. Lydia Warren of the UK Daily Mail writes: Hong Kong officials have claimed their hands were tied over Edward Snowden because the U.S. government used a wrong middle name for the NSA whistleblower on extradition papers. Provisional arrest warrant documents listed his middle name as James, whereas it is Joseph. In other papers, he was just called Edward J. Snowden, Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice Rimsky Yuen said. When Hong Kong asked the U.S. for clarification on Friday, they failed to respond in time for officials to stop Snowden's flight to Russia on Sunday. This should be a deep embarrassment for anyone with the chutzpah to claim the label of smart diplomacy, but one has to go overseas to find it reported. My guess is that only conservatives will be informed of the bungling,...(Read Full Post)