NSA's Real Targets?

The punditocracy, both Obama supporters on the left and the useful idiots on the right, in an effort to convince those who worry about the NSA's data mining efforts and its indiscriminate collection of trillions of bits of information to just sit down and shut up, are either purposely hushing up a key factor or are utterly oblivious to the real danger this program represents. The avowed purpose of the NSA's program is the same as the avowed purpose of any of our intelligence collection organs, which is the collection of information about the plans and capabilities of our nation's enemies. I can't imagine that there is any American who doesn't support that goal, with the usual caveats regarding the respect for the 4th Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. But, as I noted on these pages just a few days ago, the same people who will define the word "terrorist" will be the same ones who will be defining the word "enemy."  And as you will recall, Barack Obama is fond of using the...(Read Full Post)