NSA spied on Russian President during G20 summit last year

What makes this a story is that it is a non-story. Who the hell else is the NSA supposed to spy on but the Russian government? Some of the reaction to NSA surveillance is getting ridiculous. It reminds me of the reason then Secretary of State Henry Stimson gave for shutting down  the "Black Chamber" codebreakers in the 1920's: "Gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail." Of course we do, as our allies and potential foes read our mail. Why pretend differently? Guardian: The NSA interception of the Russian leadership at G20 came hours after Obama and Medvedev had met for the first time. Relations between the two leaders had been smoothed in the runup to the summit with a series of phone calls and letters, with both men wanting to establish a trusting relationship to discuss the ongoing banking crisis and nuclear disarmament. In the aftermath of their discussions on 1 April, the two men issued a joint communique saying they intended to "move further along the path of...(Read Full Post)