Michael Douglas's Rejection of Liberace?

Back in the eighties, my son went to school at Birch Wathen with Michael Douglas's son Cameron.  Cameron would often play at our apartment, and his dad would sometimes come over to pick him up. He was a friendly kid, and we had no idea that he'd end up dealing heroin and copping a ten-year jail bid. A couple of times, Michael, Diandra, Lauren, and I, along with our sons, would go to Aspen to ski.  It was kind of fun to hang with the stars.  The girls would come up to Michael in the lift line to flirt with him.  Even though I had been a ranked ski racer, I didn't exist to his fans.  I was accomplished, but I vanished next to his stardom. Michael had a reputation as a ladies' man, but I wasn't close enough to him to get any of the insider dirt.  He just seemed to me like a laid-back, cowboy-type guy in Hawaiian shirts and loose jeans.  No pretenses, just friendly.  A nice guy.  He wore his stardom like an...(Read Full Post)