Liberals get hysterical over plans by Tea Party group to march with unloaded guns in parade

A small town in Colorado has been thrown into a tizzy by gun control supporters over the planned march in a 4th of July parade by a Tea Party group who are asking members to bring unloaded guns to demonstrate their committment to the Second Amendment. From Talking Points Memo: A tea party group's vow to march with guns in a Fourth of July parade has caused panic in a small Colorado town.  The Southern Colorado Patriots Club announced that its members would march with guns in the annual Independence Day parade in Westcliffe, Colo. to "make a statement that we still believe in our Constitution" to protest new gun control laws in the state, the Denver Post reported. A flier distributed by the group urged members to come to the parade with unarmed rifles. "All rifles welcome especially the evil black ones," the flier read.  The announcement prompted the Custer County Chamber of Commerce, the event's sponsor, to cancel the parade as nervous citizens circulated a ...(Read Full Post)