Let Them Eat MREs

The FOB (Forward Operation Bases) in Afghanistan have stopped serving hot breakfasts for both the Marines and Army personnel. In there place, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), are being substituted. At some Afghani FOBs and COPs (Combat Out Post) the 24 /7, "always open," sandwich and snack bars have also been closed. Snopes.com quotes some military families on the situation: My husband, along with a few of my friends have been reporting (all from different FOB's) that they are no longer being served a morning meal. For a lot of soldiers, this means that, due to their shifts, they are only able to make it for chow for one meal a day now. There's the outrage, in the starkest of terms. These young men and women, who put their lives on the line in far off lands, deserve better, much better from the country they serve. Why exactly is the hot chow being discontinued? The American Forces Press Service, the Department of Defense media office, publicly admitted that the "original DOD email said...(Read Full Post)