Let the House pick up the pieces of the immigration reform bill

According to news reports, Senantor Cornyn of Texas wants to introduce a bill that enhances border security. He wants a higher threshold before the "legalization" begins. Senator Reid calls it a "poison pill."  In reality, Senator Cornyn's idea is the only path to 60 votes. No Cornyn, no chance to get 60. The bill is in trouble for several reasons: 1) ObamaCare has killed big bills, i.e. this one is about 900 pages.  Also, no one seems to trust the federal government to do anything.  Fair or unfair, the public is skeptical that the federal government will enforce border security. 2) Seven Democrats are out.  This is crucial because a lot of GOP Senators will not walk up to the table unless Democrats are on board.  I can't blame the GOP Senators in light of the demagoguery from Democrats about immigration over the last couple of years. 3) The "Path to citizenship" is a big problem for many of us ...(Read Full Post)