John Kerry's Bay State Fleecing

ObamaCare has been defined by one con after another, from inception to implementation, from political kickbacks to "keep your doctor."  Only a Supreme Court thumb on the scale allowed the law to even see the light of day. And now we continue to find out "what is in it."  Kimberly A. Strassel, writing in the Wall Street Journal, exposes yet another scheme buried in the bill, this time by Senator John Kerry. Prior to ObamaCare, Strassel notes, each state was allocated Medicare wage reimbursement funds to "divvy among their hospitals," with Medicare rules requiring that a state's urban hospitals be reimbursed at least at the level of its rural hospitals. But Strassel reports that Kerry "slipped an opaque provision" into ObamaCare that required the Medicare reimbursements to come from a national pool in place of state allocations: The Kerry kickback didn't get much notice, since it was was cloaked in technicality and never specifically mentioned Massachusetts. But the...(Read Full Post)