It's official: Iran will elect a 'moderate' president

Businessweek calls him a "reformist." Most other media outlets are calling presidential candidate Hassan Rohani a "moderate." I suppose when the mainstream is made up of clerical fascists, anyone with an ounce of sanity might be considered "moderate." But, in truth, what makes an Iranian "moderate?" If you ask Rohani, he will still be in favor of wiping Israel off the map, spreading Islam around the world, destroying the West, and denying women any rights. Yeah - a real moderate, that one. Reuters: Rohani's wide early margin revealed a major reservoir of pro-reform sentiment whereby many voters seized a chance to repudiate the dominant hardline elite over Iran's economic woes, international isolation and crackdowns on personal freedoms despite restrictions on candidate choice and campaigning. If he wins, Rohani, a moderate who is a former chief nuclear negotiator known for his conciliatory approach, has signaled he will promote a foreign policy based on...(Read Full Post)