Iranians in sham presidential election

The Iranians insist that everything is on the up and up as far as the presidential election being held today is concerned. But the government controls every aspect of the vote; ballots, ballot boxes, precincts, and, of course, the count. And Iranian expats are reporting that Rev guards and the religious police are out in force, watching as citizens vote - ostensibly to make sure they vote for the right guy. But at this point, most in the West are relieved to see the end of Ahmadinejad's rule. The general feeling is that anyone would be better than him. Be careful what you wish for: The 50 million eligible voters had a choice between six candidates to replace incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but none is seen as challenging the Islamic Republic's 34-year-old system of clerical rule. The first presidential poll since a disputed 2009 contest led to months of unrest is unlikely to change rocky ties between the West and the OPEC nation of 75 million, but it may bring a...(Read Full Post)