Intelligence agencies assess damage done by leaks

There are some who believe that US national security was not harmed at all by the leaking of two classified surveillance program. There are even some who believe that the surveillance programs weren't tracking terrorists, but rather spying on Obama's enemies. But somewhere between DNI Clapper's claim that the damage to our intelligence was "huge" and Glen Greenwald's contention that our intelligence "wasn't harmed at all" lies the truth of the matter, according to Politico: Intelligence experts and former officials interviewed by POLITICO say there will likely be some harm to U.S. intelligence efforts -- though not in exactly the way many Americans might expect and not because the stories really revealed the crown jewels of American counter-terrorism efforts. And the surest negative impact of the disclosures is more likely to fall on the U.S. Internet industry, as some of its international customer base flees in search of sites thought to be more secure from American...(Read Full Post)