In Media World, only Israel Blocks Peace Process

One of the great ironies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that Palestinians can deliver multiple blows to serious prospects for peace, but it's Israel that gets singled out in mainstream media coverage as the only culprit standing in the way of movement toward a peace deal. Actually, there's more than ample evidence of Palestinian responsibility for the stalemate. It just doesn't get reported in papers like the Washington Post. Of this more later, but first a bit of history, also ignored by the Post. For starters, Israel has been ready for years to engage in peace talks without any preconditions by either side -- a position also espoused by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration. Hamas, however, screams treason if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dared take any step toward negotiations. Not that Abbas, on his own hook, would really move in that direction. He has for years insisted on huge, one-sided Israeli concessions -- a building freeze in...(Read Full Post)