GOP upset with Christie's Senate decision

And well they should be. Already at a nearly 2-1 registration disadvantage with a left-leaning group of independent voters, Republicans feel that Governor Chris Christie's decision to hold a special election in October to fill out the term of the deceased Frank Lautenberg, puts them at a decided disadvantage. National Journal: Republicans are fuming over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to hold an early special election to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, with several Washington-based operatives suggesting he's putting his own interests ahead of the GOP's. The decision to hold a separate special election in October 2013-just two weeks before his own election-would give any interested Republican candidates little time to announce, organize a campaign, and raise the necessary money to take on a top-tier Democrat, likely Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Christie announced at a Tuesday press conference that the election to fill Lautenberg's seat will be held...(Read Full Post)