From the Turkish War Zone

Turkey, not just Istanbul, is at war with itself. The media is under the thumb of an autocratic dictator. Everything reported by Turkish press or its TV is vetted first by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. That is why I continue writing--to get out some truth from an area where the tag is wagging the dog.  Erdoğan calls the protesters rioters, hooligans, a rabble, and anti-Turkish, yet it is his police that behave like terrorists. Last night after the police tear-gassed a peaceful demonstration (check out yesterday's picture) with over 100 small children in the crowd, many injured protesters entered a mosque, which had set up its ground floor as a triage center, mini-hospital. The police then shot their (acid-laden or pepper-infused) water cannon into the mosque! Talk about treating a religious institution with disrespect! If a western Christian had done what Istanbul police did, a fatwa for his or her death would have been issued.  Turkey is supposed to be a...(Read Full Post)