Dr. Grijalva Explains it all for You

Every now and again Democrats do something so dumb that we are given hope that the "Stupid Party" crown will finally relocate itself to its proper place. Well, Arizona Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva has done such a thing now with the production of a video, starring the esteemed "Dr." Grijalva, that purports to demonstrate, scientifically, why the supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline have not only all the arguments wrong but also that the project is an ecological disaster: ...buckle up and brace yourselves for this stunning revelation from a representative of the party of science: When you put rocks in water... they sink. Erika Johnsen has that video and hilarious commentary here at Hot Air: I'm going to try and overlook the several awkward iterations about borrowed lab coats and sinking-oil sands non sequiturs, and instead address the vague leaks-and-spills environmental issue that comes the closest to a readily detectable argument in [the] ramble. Read it all, but spare yourself...(Read Full Post)