Calming Views of Spygate

The conservative blogosphere is aflame about PRISM, data-mining, and every aspect of NSA's surveillance, and, perhaps, it should be. However, two of the most intelligent, powerful, impeccably-qualified, and level-headed voices of the Right are telling us all to, well, just hold our horses. First, we have Andrew McCarthy saying that, "In truth, though, there is nothing new or groundbreaking about the surveillance in question." And he goes on to say that, "Unlike the content of your communications, you have no expectation of privacy in your telephone activity records." Nevertheless, he prefaces this piece with these comments: Now, we begin to see the wages of having an administration that abuses its awesome powers, then, as night follows day, stonewalls and misleads Congress and the public. Crucial national security measures, which operate on the forgiving assumption that government officials will conduct themselves honorably, are put at risk. So, the activity, per se, is...(Read Full Post)