Boehner tells House Republicans he won't bring Gang of Eight bill to the floor

Jonathan Strong, a reporter for NRO, tweets that "Boehner just told Rs the House will not bring up the Senate immigration bill." This is a tactical move on Boehner's part, largely taken to head off a conservative revolt that would tear the party apart in advance of the 2014 mid terms. Simply put, by not bringing the bill to the floor, but allowing some stand-alone immigration reform bills to be voted on, Boehner is not taking any chances that the Senate bill will pass. The Dems are saying they won't go to conference with any bills from the House that don't include a path to citizenship. That almost certainly won't happen, unless Democrats can convince 50-60 House Republicans to force Boehner to bring the Senate bill to the floor - a very long shot, indeed. If the Dems follow through, the GOP looks less obstructionist than if Boehner brought the bill to the floor and Republicans defeated it. Allah's take sounds about right: In terms of PR, he doesn't want to make it any easier...(Read Full Post)