Are voters OK with government surveillance?

In the abstract, apparently yes. But specifically, it's clearly a matter of "don't mess with me": To hear the outrage, you'd think the public was in revolt that the government is reading their email and monitoring their phone calls. In reality, the collective reaction was probably something closer to this: Meh. And it's probably why President Barack Obama won't change the program and Republicans won't make too much of a fuss. Privacy is sort of like the deficit: In the abstract, voters rate it a serious concern. But drill down, and they don't want to cut the entitlements that balloon federal spending -- or end programs that have prevented terrorist attacks. Especially if Americans don't believe their own computers and phones are being monitored, they are willing to give the government a long leash, public opinion experts say. (PHOTOS: Pols, pundits weigh in on NSA report) "The outrage is coming from the people who write, but not the people who vote," said Democratic pollster...(Read Full Post)