An Embarrassing Truth

Embarrassing. Nauseating. Truly and breath-takingly ignorant. That would be the current fawning capitulation of the Republican Party regarding immigration. What is it about these "professional" politicans in the GOP that forces them to be constantly in a reactionary-defensive mode regarding Progressives? Does the Left have a corner on strategic thinking? Do they own the copy rights to agenda setting? The birthrights to media savvy? Humiliating; a philosophical death spiral. "Ideas have consequences," intoned Richard Weaver. Bad ideas result in bad outcomes and good ideas the opposite. That simple? Yes. That simple. Always look to the ideas and suppositions of an opinion or position and you will see the seeds of success or failure. The preconceptions (prejudices?) behind current Republican actions are two fold - 1) Truth is not objective 2) Truth is impossible for some groups of people to grasp. Do we on the Right believe in the foundational ideas of the Founders or not? Is...(Read Full Post)