A Nation Transfixed: High Wires and Prayers

In 1938, in the midst of the Great Depression and suffering from an ominous foreboding of world war, America suspended the harsh realities of life to tune into a horse race.  A small horse named Seabiscuit, whom the media called "the cast off son of a cheaply held father," challenged Triple Crown winner War Admiral in the "Match of the Century."  Millions of people around the world listened to the race on their radio sets, and more than 40,000 jammed the Pimlico racetrack in Baltimore to view it firsthand.  It is now widely accepted that Seabiscuit's victory inspired a nation in the throes of poverty, hunger, international turmoil and personal depression. Perhaps it was a country in a similar situation that caused Twitter to explode when high-wire artist and daredevil Nik Wallenda appeared on Discovery Channel's Skywire on Sunday night.  Fifteen hundred feet above the Little Colorado River in Navajo Tribal Park just east of the Grand Canyon, Wallenda took a...(Read Full Post)