Woman found alive in rubble of Bangladesh factory after 17 days

With so much grim and bad news lately, how about a feel good story to brighten your day? New York Times: In a startling development, a woman trapped for 17 days beneath the rubble of a collapsed building on the outskirts of Dhaka was discovered alive on Friday and then rushed to a nearby military hospital after rescuers pulled her free. The woman, whose name is Reshma, had apparently been in the basement of the building, though her location is not yet definitively known. Rescuers, speaking live on national television from the wreckage site in Savar, said they were clearing debris on Friday afternoon when they saw a pipe moving. It turned out to be Reshma, shaking the pipe from below, trying to gain attention. "Save me!" rescuers say they heard her shouting. Her rescue was broadcast on television across Bangladesh. A garment worker, Reshma was wearing a purple and red salwar kameez as she was removed from the rubble. One of the rescuers, a soldier with the Bangladeshi...(Read Full Post)