Who will tend our veterans memorials in the future?

In the town of Streator, IL where I live, there is a poignant memorial to Streator veterans who have fought in every war since the Civil War. It is lovingly maintained by the local VFW as the granite monuments for each war are carefully cleaned and fresh flowers placed around the memorial several times during the spring and summer. A nearby town also has a monument to the fallen. This memorial, in an old, unkept cemetary, lists the names of those who died. Many of the names are unreadable due to weathering. The monument itself is askew. Grass grows high around the memorial and the singular impression that is left is that the cemetary and the monument have been abandoned to time. I don't know why that memorial is in such a state. The town is small and they may not have a local veterans organization. Older folks who might have once cared enough to tend the memorial may be dead or unable to get around. Regardless of the reason, it is a sad, mournful sight. And it's happening everywhere...(Read Full Post)